Vanni Cuoghi, Italian artist and illustrator

“My art seems very light, almost childish,” explains the Italian contemporary artist Vanni Cuoghi of his fairytale-like paintings. “They look like nothing more than you can see at first glance. But if you studied them closely, you could find the real meaning.”

It’s this idea of hidden meaning that drew Cuoghi to create his own pair of glasses with the Silhouette design team. “My glasses look very simple but when you try them on, you can really experience the lightness,” says the Italian. Working with the team at the Silhouette headquarters in Linz, Austria the artist added a stylised eye that he drew to the temple of his pair. “Silhouette gave me the chance to customise my glasses with my art,” says Cuoghi, “adding to them a detail that can really tell everyone who I am”.

Vanni Cuoghi is wearing the Silhouette rimless model SPX Connection 5231 colour 6057. Cuoghi also loves to wear Titan Minimal Art – The Icon model 7581 colour 6058. He’s a Face of LiteStyle since September 2013.