Celebrity Stylist Hannah Teare

London-based stylist Hannah Teare is the former Fashion Director of Tatler. She has travelled the globe working for American Vogue, Vanity Fair, Vivienne Westwood, LKBennett and many more.

Hannah emphasizes her style with a cat-eye lens shape and chose Titan Minimal Art – The Must Collection model 7799 in red.

“Glasses play a great role for me when I am styling because I can add them to shots and they can make somebody feel either a bit more conservative or more wacky. In everyday life I use them for driving, and for the cinema, so it is important that they don’t define me. It is more that they should merge with my character and become essentially invisible but enhancing at the same time.

In good eyewear I look for balance and suitability to a face, so that they blends with the person’s personality. I don’t want the glasses to be the defining feature of someone’s character.”

Hannah wears Silhouette Titan Minimal Art – The Must Collection model 7799, colour 6066.